Unlocking Value

We advise clients in a full range of liquidity transactions ranging from a minority sale or a majority recapitalization with a financial sponsor, to a full sale to a financial or strategic acquirer.

How we do it

  • Provide insight on value drivers well before our engagement: timing, company positioning and growth strategy, value attributes, liquidity options, preparation
  • Listen to our clients, challenge their assumptions and make sure they gain clarity on desired outcome
  • Custom design the breadth and type of process to maximize value and minimize risk
  • Make sure our process retains maximum confidentiality and negotiating leverage
  • Prepare our clients well before the process to minimize surprises and deliver a compelling, defensible story
  • Commit senior level bankers at every step of the transaction
  • Devote an extraordinary team of bankers who obsess over serving their client 24/7
  • Recommend only those outcomes that are in the best interests of our client