The Intrepid Ethos—Unstoppable

In 2010, we set out to build an exceptional team of individuals united by a common vision. We are a tenacious group whose shared values give us the strength to win for our clients.

Today, Intrepid is widely recognized for its ability to convey the value in each entrepreneur’s story through a process designed to yield outsized results. Our professionals display perseverance, competitiveness and fortitude—the attributes rooted in our brand, culture and name.

Dare to win

We believe that every company starts with an entrepreneur’s obsession to birth life-changing products and services. Often, the enterprise has value well before it has earnings. So why is it that “experts” place the value of a company all too often on a multiple of operating earnings? Delivering the “dream” outcome calls for a different approach. It requires the banker to become invested in the entrepreneur’s story and uncover the key value drivers—fully committed and unencumbered by convention.

Helping companies and entrepreneurs realize their dreams allows us to realize ours: to deliver the value of an enterprise that reflects its true potential. That happens when price becomes secondary to the emotional imperative of an acquirer to own the future potential of a unique and irreplaceable asset.

You were unstoppable in your quest to build your business. You are not about to settle now. We get it. We get it big!