Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins with one entrepreneur’s unique approach to helping companies realize their value.


In the Beginning

In 1982, Jim Freedman led business development for an asset-based lender that financed entrepreneurial middle-market companies in Southern California. He noticed that his clients’ value was often defined by attributes built by an entrepreneurial passion and often far exceeded the levels set by widely accepted metrics.

Intimidated by the unfamiliar world of corporate M&A, these entrepreneurs often hired “establishment” investment banks. These advisors were large Wall Street firms who ran “conventional” sale processes that often failed to grasp the “uniqueness” of their clients.

Jim founded Barrington Associates, Intrepid’s predecessor, by adopting a different approach to helping middle-market entrepreneurs realize their companies’ full exit potential.


Joining Forces

Jim was joined by Mike Rosenberg in 1985 and Ed Bagdasarian in 1989. Together, they built a lasting legacy and a reputation as the go-to sell-side M&A investment bank in Southern California. Over the next two decades, Barrington grew into one of the most respected M&A advisory firms to middle-market companies in the U.S.


Realizing An Exit

In 2006, Wells Fargo Securities acquired Barrington to serve as its principal M&A advisory arm and help it expand into middle-market investment banking.


Entrepreneurial Roots

In June 2010, seven of the senior partners at Barrington decided to return to their entrepreneurial roots and a mission to create a unique advisory firm that brings a different approach to middle-market investment banking.

With three decades of experience, the partners formed Intrepid Investment Bankers to deliver the same creativity, commitment and savvy that their clients used in building their own companies.

Intrepid bankers understand that the value of a middle-market company lies in the magic of its culture, its innovative spirit and its unique attributes. These values are not always reflected in the traditional metrics that define the worth of larger, more mature companies.


Expanding Service Capabilities

MUFG Union Bank completed the acquisition of Intrepid Investment Bankers LLC, expanding the bank’s client service capabilities to offer mergers and acquisitions and capital markets advisory services, and delivering a unique value proposition to business owners and middle-market companies. Intrepid began working in close partnership with the bank’s Commercial Banking and Wealth Markets groups.


Our Values

  • We always place the client first.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity and tenacity is coded in our DNA.
  • We treat everyone with respect because that’s how we were brought up.
  • Our passion drives outsized results.
  • We use creativity to deliver exceptional results—our clients built great businesses by challenging convention.
  • Winning is important to us—being the best means beating the competition.
  • Objectivity lets us be true to ourselves and our clients.
  • If we don’t have fun, it’s hard to take work seriously.