Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

Consumer purchasing decisions are often driven by lifestyle factors. To be successful, a brand must resonate with the personal aspirations of the consumer. To convey the value of a brand, the banker must comprehend a brand’s DNA and properly tell its story. Our team understands consumer values and stays on top of emerging trends and lifestyles.

Our Apparel & Lifestyle Brands practice combines decades of experience advising apparel, retail, lifestyle brands, accessories, and footwear companies on the best execution in various transaction types, including sell-side and buy-side, as well as equity and debt capital raises. We maintain deep industry relationships with leading executives, private equity investors and companies in the industry.

Apparel & Lifestyle Brands Transactions

Rusty (rustysurfboards.jpg)
Robert Rodriguez (robertrodriguez.jpg)
Raj Manu Manufacturing (rajmanumanufacturing.jpg)
NYDJ (nydj.jpg)
Manhattan Beachwear (manhattanbeachwear.jpg)
Globe International (globeinternational.jpg)
Draper’s & Damon’s (drapersanddamons.jpg)
Creative Creation (creativecreation.jpg)

*Represents transactions executed by principals of Intrepid while at prior firms.