The Golden Moment for Sports Investing

The beginning of Summer is a golden time for fans of major sports. We are gearing up for the NBA and NHL Stanley Cup finals, scrutinizing the results of the NFL draft, and intently watching MLB to see if the looser-wound, lighter-weight baseballs continue to keep home run totals down as we head towards the All-Star break. At the same time, investments across the sports spectrum are happening at an unprecedented pace, from startups to major teams and leagues.

Here are a few things that caught our eye:

New digital media platforms for a new generation

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for my weekly copy of Sports Illustrated to arrive. Today, there is no more waiting by the mailbox.

  • Overtime raised $80 million to continue distributing original sports content across social media outlets. Even cooler, they announced a paid basketball league for players 16-18 years old…a long way from working a paper route!
  • PlayOn! Sports, the leader in streaming high school sports, continues to raise capital. Business trips no longer have to get in the way of missing your kids’ games.


Athletes becoming PE titans

We want to be like them, yet somehow, they want to be like us.


Collectibles are hot, any way you can get them

Whether physical or virtual, fans are eager to own something deemed to be unique.

Clearly someone is going to knock it out of the park with their sports investments this year.