The Art and Science of Preparing Your Business for Sale

Building a company is a journey. The goal of that journey is to continuously look forward with a focus on creating and maximizing enterprise value, and to choose the optimal time to go to market.

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Commanding premium valuations increasingly reflects the ability of a business to rapidly scale and disrupt a category and win in the digital economy with a differentiated offering and business model. Positioning your business to generate predictable future cash flows will increase the chances of a premium valuation.

Most successful business sales have a common thread – they were well planned. Both in preparing the business to be most attractive to a buyer but equally important is preparing the owners and their families to control taxes on the business sale and prepare for the life transitions that occur post-transaction. A business can be sold to a family member, to employees, or to a third-party strategic or financial buyer, and each of these possibilities can heavily influence the kind of planning needed to have a successful sale and transition. To learn more, read “The Art and Science of Preparing Your Business for Sale: 10 Steps to Maximize Enterprise Value and Achieve Your Exit Goals,” co-authored by Rick Chance, Head of Strategic Relationships.

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