Ryan Makis

“A pitcher in baseball (a true pitcher, not just someone who can throw 95 mph) is one of the most interesting athletes in all of sports. He is analytical—he studies his opponents’ weaknesses before he takes the mound. He is meticulous—he knows that the slightest amount of pressure from the tip of his finger can be the difference between a strikeout and a home run. He is creative—he finds a way to close out an inning when the bases are loaded. He is a team player—he recognizes that without a reliable catcher and his other teammates behind him, success is unattainable.

I believe that an effective investment banker must share many of the same qualities.”

Ryan Makis



  • Princeton University, A.B. with Honors in Economics

Professional Credentials

  • FINRA-registered Representative

Ryan is a Director at Intrepid and is responsible for transaction sourcing and execution.  He works as a member of the Software & Services team, with experience across several subsectors, including SalesTech, human capital management, compliance, and vertical applications.  Since joining Intrepid in 2012 and before focusing on Software & Services, Ryan completed transactions across various other sectors, including consumer and business services.

Prior to joining Intrepid, Ryan worked for JDB Capital Partners, a boutique investment bank based in Scottsdale, Ariz. He also worked in football operations for the NFL team now known as the Washington Commanders.

While at Princeton (it should be no surprise), Ryan was a pitcher for the men’s varsity baseball team.  Since baseball isn’t the easiest sport to continue with as a working professional, he has since shifted his competitive energy elsewhere, including golf, cornhole and board games.

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