Intrepid Healthcare Team Presents: How Smart Tech Is Changing Healthcare

Intrepid’s Healthcare Group was recently featured in finnCap Group’s global healthcare technology outlook (see attached) “How Smart Tech Is Changing Healthcare.”

As the global healthcare industry emerges from the COVID-19 shutdowns, we are seeing firsthand how the new virtual healthcare delivery paradigm helped propel many of our clients’ advanced technology solutions from “emerging” high-potential innovations to “essential” requirements for quality care.

Our healthcare ecosystem is piloting several new use cases for wide-ranging technologies that increase access, drive down costs and improve outcomes. We are seeing firsthand with our sell-side and buy-side clients the adoption of new AI workflow automation and patient engagement tools that disrupt primary and urgent care services; telehealth services are transforming dermatology, behavioral healthcare, and post-acute rehab; and novel software delivery models are enabling specialty diagnostics and clinical trials to rapidly proliferate across the globe.

These solutions are not likely to be momentary stop-gap solutions to bridge a finite period of time when patients were less willing to visit their providers in person. Rather, these new solutions will enable health tech companies to demonstrate greater utility and ROI for their solutions than they ever could pre-COVID, and investment dollars are pouring in to prove it.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on the article and how its observations compare to your personal experience.