Intrepid Announces the Acquisition of Product Club by Burmax Company

Transaction Provides Leading Hair Color Accessories Brand with Access to Powerful Beauty School Network

Intrepid today announced the sale of its client, Product Club—a leading provider of color accessories to the professional beauty industry—to Burmax Company, a leading provider of sundries to beauty schools and beauty supply stores since 1948.

Founded in 1991, Product Club has transformed from a glove and foil company to a sought-after color accessories brand known for its cutting edge, high-quality products and top notch education. Under Burmax ownership, Product Club will continue to expand its brand, product portfolio and educational offerings to its customer base and will gain direct access to the stylists and colorists of tomorrow through Burmax’s school network.

Eric Polesuk, President and Founder of Product Club, said: “It was incredibly helpful to have Steve Davis and Intrepid on my team. Their expertise was critical in maximizing our value and coming up with solutions to get past all obstacles in the negotiation process. We hired Steve and the Intrepid team for their beauty care industry experience and execution expertise and they delivered.”

“We are excited to have played a role in bringing Product Club and Burmax together. Eric and his team built a truly phenomenal brand in the color accessories category. We will be excited to see Product Club achieve even greater heights with its new partner,” said Steve Davis, Intrepid Managing Director and Head of the Beauty & Personal Care practice.

Intrepid is one of the most active mergers and acquisitions advisors in the beauty and personal care sector. The Intrepid Beauty & Personal Care practice has a deep understanding of trends and value-drivers across the sector, ongoing dialogue with the acquirer and investor universe, and a proven track record helping clients sell to global strategic acquirers and value-added private equity groups.

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