Intrepid Advises Textiles Provider C.F. Stinson on Its Recapitalization with BV Investment Partners

Intrepid Investment Bankers, a leading middle-market investment bank, today announced the recapitalization of its client, C.F. Stinson, a purveyor of innovative commercial textiles, with BV Investment Partners (BV), a middle-market private equity firm. BV is investing in partnership with Keith and Glenn Stinson, the third generation of family ownership, who will maintain a significant ownership interest in the company. The company is widely recognized for award-winning textiles and its patented online sampling capabilities.

“We were careful in selecting a financial partner that aligned with our culture, values and vision for the future,” said Keith Stinson, President and CEO of C.F. Stinson. “By running a comprehensive and disciplined process, Intrepid was able to generate considerable interest in the business and ultimately helped us find the right partner in BV.” Glenn Stinson, Vice President and COO of C.F. Stinson, further commented: “We are looking forward to the next phase of Stinson’s growth in partnership with BV. We are confident that BV will help us continue to better serve our customers and suppliers, and our employees.”

“The Stinson family built a tremendous business serving the contract textile market. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to assist Keith and Glenn in finding a partner to support the next phase of growth,” said Mike Rosenberg, Senior Managing Director at Intrepid. Jeremiah Mann, Senior Vice President at Intrepid added: “Keith and Glenn spent over three decades shaping Stinson into the leading supplier it is today. It was exciting to present the Stinson story to the marketplace, and we look forward to continuing to watch the story develop in partnership with BV.”

Founded in 1952 and based in Rochester Hills, Mich., C.F. Stinson has established itself as a textiles industry leader with showrooms in New York and Chicago and a design studio in Maine. Stinson has a diverse blue chip client base across the healthcare, office, hospitality and education sectors. Stinson leverages a patented, tech-enabled sampling system developed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Sample Technologies. The system allows customers to easily access Stinson’s fabrics and order samples that are integral to the design and specification process across multiple market segments. In addition, Stinson has gained industry acclaim after receiving multiple awards for innovation and design.

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