Insights from the 2020 Food & Beverage Industry Roundtable

Today, the Food, Beverage & Agriculture industry is changing more rapidly than at any other time in its history. Multiple forces, including COVID-19, international trade policy, climate change, demographic shifts, evolving consumer tastes, and the adoption of new technologies, are driving disruption across the entire value chain.

Intrepid’s Head of Food, Beverage & Agriculture, Michael Seccuro, recently participated in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “2020 Food and Beverage Roundtable,” where he discussed the dynamic shift and opportunities for companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Many large food and beverage manufacturers have seen their results benefit from the pandemic and have maintained their investment-grade credit ratings, putting them in a strong position to continue to evaluate M&A. Businesses need to build their financial plans with sensitivities that illustrate the possible effects of another crisis on liquidity and free cash flow,” commented Mike Seccuro, Managing Director at Intrepid. Food Beverage Roundtable LABJ 2020 7.20.2020 revised

Despite facing an increasing number of complexities, from adjusting to the “new normal” and adhering to strict safety and health guidelines, the food and beverage industry has seen changes affecting the way business is conducted and are using strategic M&A to grow.

Our bankers have the experience and knowledge to navigate this complex and dynamic environment and understand how these forces interact with each other and impact your business. We have a deep understanding of the entire value chain, and our experience spans the full range of transaction sizes, types, and drivers, from multi-billion-dollar, marquee strategic transactions to emerging growth capital raises.

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