Discover Intrepid’s Key Food & Beverage Insights for 2024

We’re excited to present our latest sector update highlighting key themes we are tracking across food and beverage categories in 2024!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:

  • Forecasts and Projections for 2024:  The industry is poised for M&A volume growth as strategics have amassed record cash reserves, sponsors hold unprecedented dry powder, and the prospect of falling interest rates is expected to improve M&A market conditions.
  • Key Value Drivers / Considerations:  Pandemic changed investors perspectives on a variety of issues including benefits of owning manufacturing, branded investments relative to B2B sectors such as private label / co-manufacturing, and the importance of growth relative to profitability.
  • Sectors / Categories to Watch:  Segments with notable recent deal activity that are anticipated to remain active in 2024 include: ethnic foods, frozen foods, baked goods, ingredients/flavors, and distribution.
  • Looking Back on 2023:  Despite market challenges, Intrepid’s food and beverage team had a strong year, characterized by robust activity in essential sectors.

Consider these insights for the year ahead!