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Jun 23, 2021 Asian Business Association: Selling Your Business Learn More Speaker Live Webinar

Selling a business, exit strategy or contingency plan, is no simple feat-it is a science and an art. When you decide to embark on the journey, you have to be sure to have a plan. Without it, entrepreneurs may soon find themselves in a position to deal with some serious financial consequences. Regardless of when you think you might offer your business for sale, it is important to start preparing today for that transaction

Please join Rick Chance, as he joins this virtual event as a featured speaker during the ABA: Selling Your Business, Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Topics Include:

  • How to organize your business for sale
  • How far ahead should you begin preparation
  • How to organize your balance sheet
  • Legal preparations for selling a business

Featured Speakers:



Jun 17, 2021 JVS SoCal 90th Anniversary “The Way Forward: Changing Lives Together” Learn More Host Live Webinar

This year, JVS SoCal celebrates 90 years of providing hope through their essential services for job seekers and life-changing career training programs. Intrepid’s own Managing Director and Co-Head of the Healthcare Group Adam Abramowitz, receives the Generation Impact Award. Please join us on this virtual event to witness the impact of JVS’s partnerships and donations at work, empowering the lives and families of more than 50,000 Southern Californians each year.

Honorees include:

Adam Abramowitz – Generation Impact Award

Ronny Bensimon – Founder’s Award

Arbi John – Corporate Partnership Award accepted on behalf of Pacific Western Bank

Valeria Elizarraraz – Inspiration Award

Lovely Porter – Inspiration Award

Fritz Coleman – Host


*Receiving tickets to attend the event is not contingent on becoming a JVS sponsor and that any sponsorship is strictly voluntary.

Jun 16, 2021 UB Private Bank Perspectives: The Art and Science of Preparing Your Business for Sale Learn More Host Live Webinar

Whether you plan to sell your business in the near term, or are several years away, taking the right steps to prepare your business for sale can have a significant impact on the success of this important transaction. Please join us for this special presentation where we will explore steps that you can take to drive value creation, why timing is so important and how understanding your motivation for selling is a critical first step in the process.


Steve Sherline, CFP, Private Wealth Management Executive Union Bank, The Private Bank


Rick Chance, Managing Director and Head of Strategic Relationships, Intrepid Investment Bankers

Min Yoo, Senior Wealth Strategists, Union Bank, The Private Bank

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Apr 15, 2021 PODCAST | Secrets of Success Ep 36: Investment Banking and Mainstreet with Adam Abramowitz of Intrepid Learn More Sponsor Live Webinar

How much are companies on Main Street sold for? How big are Main Street companies? Please welcome Adam Abramowitz from Intrepid Investment Banking to explain Main Street investment banking, private equity, and more on this episode of the Secrets of Success Podcast with Dr. Shane Needham!

You’ll Learn:
• The difference between Wall Street and Main Street
• The many misconceptions about private equity and investment banking
• How COVID affected main street and investment banking
• How modern technology has changed the structure of many businesses

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Apr 10, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021 Yale Women’s Empowerment Conference Learn More Sponsor Live Webinar

Join Lauren Antion as  she speaks at the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative in 2021 for their first-ever virtual Women’s Empowerment Conference! This conference is now in its 13th year of empowering woman to become leaders and change-makers in their industries and beyond.


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Mar 25, 2021 ACG LA Healthcare M&A Panel – Coming Up for Air: Healthcare Investing and Growth in 2021 and Beyond Learn More Sponsor Live Webinar

The COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on healthcare services. Providers have faced historic peaks and valleys due to forced shutdowns, social distancing mandates, and changes in patient behavior. They have weathered the storm and rebounded with new approaches to old problems. As a result, the growth equity and M&A markets have come roaring back. This panel of leading healthcare executives and investors will discuss:

  • Key lessons from the COVID pandemic, early on and as healthcare providers adjusted to the facts on the ground
  • Healthcare sectors that have proven to be resilient or grown
  • Where PE investors and strategic acquirers will focus their efforts
  • How technology is empowering or disrupting healthcare business models
  • How will federal policy changes impact M&A



Adam Abramowitz, Managing Director, Co-Head of Healthcare, Intrepid

Aytan Dahukey, Partner and Private Equity Team Leader, Sheppard Mullin



Shane Armstrong, President and General Counsel, American Vision Partners

John DiGiovanni, Investment Partner, Arsenal Capital

Rob Mahan, CEO, Exer Urgent Care


To access the replay link click here.



Dec 10, 2020 The Value Creation Framework: How CEOs Can Accelerate Growth in Enterprise Value – Pacific Northwest Region Learn More Host Live Webinar

Please join us to discuss how CEOs can accelerate growth in enterprise value by focusing on high impact value drivers, featuring Intrepid CEO Ed Bagdasarian and Head of Strategic Relationships, Rick Chance.

In this informative and interactive virtual event, we will discuss the following topics:

• How is enterprise value determined?
• What attributes drive premium valuations in a business?
• Why do some highly profitable businesses trade at lowervaluations than much smaller, marginally profitable ones?
• Does management assess strategic decisions throughthe “value creation lens”?
• The best financial acquirers start planning for the exiteven before they acquire a company — should CEOsadopt a similar mindset?
• In the digital economy, where the only constants arechange and disruption, what business models willsucceed and attract premium valuations?


Ed Bagdasarian, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director

Rick Chance, Managing Director, Head of Strategic Relations

Dec 03, 2020 The Art and Science of Achieving Liquidity for Your Company Learn More Host Live Webinar

Please join us for a discussion on preparing for a liquidity event and maximizing your company’s value to achieve a positive outcome, featuring Intrepid’s Head of Commercial & Consumer Technology, Gary Rabishaw, and Head of Strategic Relationships, Rick Chance.

In this informative and interactive virtual event, we will discuss the following topics:

• What steps should you take prior to embarking on a liquidity event
• What are the pros and cons of various liquidity options
• How do buyers value a business and what drives value
• How to run a successful sale process
• What to look for when selecting an investment banker

This series is just another example of how Union Bank® goes beyond traditional banking. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas, insights, and solutions.


Paul O’ Mara, Managing Director, Orange County Commercial Banking


Gary Rabishaw, Managing Director, Head of Commercial & Consumer Technology

Rick Chance, Managing Director, Head of Strategic Relations


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