Leading hair care company dedicated to the professional salon channel—Intrepid helped DAVEXLABS build a foundation for a high-growth beauty care brand devoted to healing hair care.


CEO and President :: David Berglass

David Berglass, CEO and president of DAVEXLABS, had previously partnered with private equity group Caltius Equity Partners to build the L’ANZA brand. The company's portfolio is comprised of salon retail products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and styling products, as well as a rapidly growing line of service-based products that include hair color and treatment systems. Following a successful partnership, Caltius sought to exit its investment, while David desired to continue to invest and grow the brand.

With multiple shareholder objectives in play, Intrepid worked with DAVEXLABS to time market entry to best demonstrate sales momentum and growth of recent initiatives. Leveraging its current knowledge of and ongoing dialogue with the beauty care-acquirer landscape, Intrepid identified potential investors that could both pay a premium valuation and be a value-added partner to David and the L’ANZA brand going forward. Ultimately, WestView Capital Partners was selected and provided a growth investment.

Intrepid will watch with great enthusiasm as David and WestView continue to rapidly expand the L'ANZA brand.