Intrepid’s Joe Wisniewski Discusses Healthcare Investments and Innovation

Intrepid’s Joe Wisniewski, an Associate in the Healthcare Group, recently joined Scott Becker of McGuire Woods on Becker’s Private Equity podcast to discuss investment and innovation in the healthcare industry. Key takeaways from the audio podcast include:

Accelerated Technology Innovation and Adoption in Healthcare

COVID-19 has forced the accelerated adoption of innovative technologies in healthcare. We’re seeing healthcare services companies differentiating themselves with technology. Sectors like urgent care and other provider businesses that historically have not made software investments beyond their EMRs are bringing broad-ranging, state-of-the-art technologies to the forefront of their organizations.

Innovative Care Delivery Models

Novel care delivery models such as One Medical and Carbon Health are offering a unique service by blending the lines of primary care and concierge medicine and expanding into new markets. The high valuations of these companies suggest increased investor appetite for other innovative platforms.

Building Healthcare Services Businesses with a Technology Backbone

Physician practice management platforms are increasingly employing in-house software developers to build out a proprietary technology infrastructure that allows them to provide high-quality care more efficiently to patients. Software as a differentiating core element, rather than an afterthought, allows for the delivery and tracking of patient outcomes, and  enables the practice to better manage the patient life cycle and ensure a seamless patient experience.

Perspectives on the Investor Landscape: Tourists, Experts and Specialists

There is a considerable amount of private equity capital chasing attractive investment opportunities. Historically, the investor landscape was divided into two segments: “tourists” and “experts”.  As the financial markets have become increasingly specialized, we are seeing healthcare investors (“experts”) that are increasingly focused, not only on healthcare, but on a specific vertical within the healthcare industry. Overall interest in healthcare investments has continued to expand from both smaller, industry-focused PE firms to diversified mega-funds with dedicated teams.

To listen to the podcast, click here.