Intrepid’s Observations on Amazon’s Proposed Acquisition of One Medical

Healthcare remains an exciting opportunity for Amazon’s continued expansion goals. However, Amazon’s historical attempts to enter the healthcare sector have produced mixed results, including discontinuing the Haven joint venture with J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway in February 2021. The proposed acquisition of One Medical by Amazon creates an opportunity for the tech-giant to claim a leading role in the delivery of care.

There are ~200x more Amazon Prime members in the U.S. than One Medical members, suggesting a substantial membership opportunity for the primary care platform. If One Medical maintains its strong clinical care and rapid growth within Amazon, there are vast opportunities to expand across the continuum of care.

In this special report, Intrepid’s healthcare team shares their initial observations on the Amazon and One Medical transaction, the opportunity that exists for the combined organizations and what it may mean for the broader provider landscape.

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